Dr. Jo'Ann Todd

Promoting excellent eye health all while rolling out the red carpet for her patients. 


Dr. Todd is originally from Fayetteville N.C. From a young age she knew that she would be an optometrist, as she had a love for people and an interest for the field then, just as she does now. She did her undergraduate studies at UNC Chapel Hill and went to optometry school at the Pennsylvania School of Optometry, where she graduated in 2008. After graduation, she was offered a position in Mount Olive and thought to herself, "the pickle place"? She never knew where Mount Olive was on the map and now she is glad to call Mount Olive home. It just so happens that she found more than pickles in this city....she found love. This just happens to be the place where she met her husband, CEO of Mount Olive Eye Care, Jamal Jones. Dr. Todd has served the wonderful town of Mount Olive for 8 years, and looks to serve her new hometown for many more.

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